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Berwick, Pennsylvania
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Q:  What type of printing do you do?

A:  We screen print in-house for larger custom orders.  These orders have a minimum of 1 dozen items per color.  Ex:  If you need a 2 color front print, you will need to order at least 24 items.  For smaller orders, we use a "print-on-demand" service.  There are no minimums using this way and it also gives you the ability to print with more colors.  However, print-on-demand is a little more expensive than traditional screen printing.

Q:  How do I go about getting shirts made:

A:  It's simple!  First just send us an email or call us.  Tell us the basic information such as what are these shirts for?  T-shirts, sweatshirts, tanktops?  Any specific color shirts?  Do you have your own design?  Need us to make a design?  etc.. Even if your not sure about any of this; still contact us we will help walk you through it.  We LOVE new customers :)

Q:  Are there any restrictions to what I can print?

A:  Yes, there are always restrictions.  Obviously we cannot print any copyrighted material (unless you have permission to do so).  We also refuse to print any obscene designs.  If your not sure send us an image or your idea and we will politely tell you if we will print it or not.